Hibernation is Almost Over

15 01 2014

I may not be a bear or rodent but it feels like I was hibernating. Winter is still here and it’s still kind of cold, but I think I’m done hibernating. Felt like I’ve went into this limbo-like state where life was slowing down for me. It’s not like time was slowing down, but I guess nothing was really happening. Admittedly I feel most of this is my fault.

Bear Hibernation

I say a lot of things and fail to act upon my words. I do a lot of hand waving hoping that I don’t have to do anything and things kind of fall into place. But life isn’t like that. I mean sure, for some things the road is already paved and is straight forward. But not all things are that simple. For me it seems like there is no road, that the trees in this forest are blocking most of the sun out. Each step is harder than the next, you feel tired and somewhat lost. And if I sit to rest bit, it seems as if hours or days have passed.

I guess I did stop and did find a place to rest for a bit. It was comfortable enough and so I was content for a long period of time. But time waits for no one. Now I’ve started to open my eyes and see that the forest has grown denser so it is much harder to walk through. The trees have completely blocked out the sun so there’s no indication of night or day. And I can’t make out the direction I came from… so I don’t know if I’m heading backwards or forwards or nowhere. But I know I want to be more than just content.

I guess this is the one good thing of getting lost…

Not till we are lost, in other words not till we have lost the world do we begin to find ourselves, and realize where we are and the infinite extent of our relations.
-Henry David Thoreau




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15 01 2014

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