Heroes and Dragons

24 10 2013

Two Headed Dragon

in these modern times of motorized vehicles and cyberspace
it doesn’t seem there is strife or conflict
but in actuality there’s always a battle being fought
there still lies a dragon that threatens our humanity

some may think that we live in a time of tranquility and peace.
but the battle between man and beast constantly arises
for sometimes we get lost and lose our way
we lose ourselves and become shells of our former selves

when we lose sight of what’s to come
all we see is the shadow of a beast from the darkness within
and we watch it grow and feed on our own fears and despair
sometimes it seems utterly hopeless to live on

but when there’s darkness in your heart
there’s an extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter
for we’re our own dragons as well as our own heroes
so we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves

no matter what there are always dragons lurking about
and therefore there are still heroes in this world
thus there are always stories to be written
to be written and told




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