Sometimes We Get Lost

4 07 2013

sometimes we get lost in this thing called life
we forget where we’re going
and worst of all, where we have already been
this is when history repeats…
past successes, as well as past mistakes

we slowly wander off course
and stray away from the destination
losing sight of what was before us
heading down head first
into an inevitable crash

when you’re lost, you become unsure of yourself
and each decision is second guessed
not only by yourself, but by others around you…
it was so hard to gain their trust
but so easy to lose it

your own confidence withers away
easily seen in the day-to-day tasks you were skilled at
for everyone gets weak when they hesitate
your own perseverance to carry on seems to have disappeared
leaving doubt and anxiety towards the future

who do you trust if you can’t trust yourself
who do you follow if there’s no one to follow
what do you believe in if everything seems like a lie
what do you do when you’re lost
what do you do…

Lost in a Maze




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