A Little Chaos Never Hurt Nobody Right?

18 06 2013

Past few weeks have definitely had an element of chaos in them. One thing is at work, rest of my team went on vacation leaving me there to hold down the fort. The amount of tasks to do is rather overwhelming while the rest of my team is away. I mean, I knew they were going on vacation and tried to mentally prepared myself for more work… but I guess that wasn’t enough. I just need to hang on for this week and then my coworkers will be back. Plus it’ll be less lonely around my side of the office (I guess technically I could go wander to the other side… but that requires effort).

Besides work, the day-to-day grind at home is really wearing my patience. I’ve been saying I want to move out of my parent’s house for a while now… but still I’ve failed to do anything. I don’t know if it’s out of my own laziness or out of being worried about the rest of my family. At home family members could use my presence to maintain general day-to-day things. It’s mainly because my brother is mentally ill and my dad is getting old/forgetful. Feels like I have this morale family obligation to stick around… although I know it isn’t doing me personally any good (at least for my sanity).

In other news, the world of video games finally has some good news. Sony 1-upping Microsoft with their video on sharing games was pretty priceless. I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting a PS4 in the future, at this point mainly for FFXV (formerally known as FF Versus XII) and KH3 (and hopefully Disgaea 5 whenever that gets announced).

Also Dota2 is getting released on Steam by Valve before TI3 (the International 3, Valve’s 3rd official Dota 2 tournament) is rather exciting. I’ve been playing Dota since the WC3 UMS days with the v5.84b map… so that’s like end of 2004; 9 years?. It’s rather exciting for me to see a game like this evolve so much while standing the test of time. A little Dota history lesson.

Also I’m looking forward to the Deadpool game coming out next week on 6/25. I’m so expecting to be trolled hard (hopefully Disgaea level trolling). To be honest though, I’m not exactly sure what type of game this is going to be; FPS, (Action) RPG, strategy, or is it its own genre: the Deadpool genre?
Deadpool Game Cover




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